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MLA 2015 Annual Conference: Speaker's Agreement
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Speaker’s Agreement

If your proposal is selected, you will be asked/required to adhere to the following terms of engagement:


Presenter agrees to hold available each day of the Conference until notified of scheduling. MLA will schedule Presenter at its discretion.


All presenters are encouraged to register and attend the full conference or at least the day of their session. MLA understands that schedules do not always allow for additional participation. Presenters who can only attend their presentation are not required to register for the conference.


Presenter agrees to waive any honorarium or registration discount.


Presenter agrees to be responsible for all travel arrangements and costs.


Presenter agrees to be responsible for all lodging arrangements and costs.


If Presenter is registered for the Conference, MLA agrees to provide Presenter with all meals included in the Conference registration fee. Presenter agrees to be responsible for all other meal arrangements and costs.


Presenter agrees to allow MLA to distribute Presenter’s supplied handouts to Conference registrants via Internet download prior to the Conference. Presenter has the option to agree or disagree to allowing MLA to publish Presenter’s supplied handouts publicly on the MLA website for a period not to exceed 90 days following the Conference.

MLA will not make copies of presenter handouts. MLA will include Presenter’s handout materials essential to Presenter’s presentation via Internet download only if the materials are submitted to MLA by September 1, 2015. If Presenter does not supply handout originals to MLA by the deadline, then Presenter is responsible for providing his/her own handout copies the day of the Conference at his/her own expense.

Handouts must be submitted electronically (e-mail is preferred) to the MLA office as print-ready PDFs. If you have multiple handout items (such as a slideshow and accompanying resource documents), they must be combined into one PDF.

Audio/Visual Equipment: 

MLA agrees to provide audio/visual equipment as agreed upon between MLA and Presenter per the published and completed A/V Request Form. A completed A/V Request Form must be remitted by Presenter to MLA by no later than June 24, 2015. (A/V Request Form is below).


This agreement will bind both MLA and Presenter and should only be cancelled in writing by mutual agreement.

Notification of Acceptance:

Presenter will be notified of acceptance or denial by MLA by e-mail in mid-June.

If you do not agree with these terms or would like to discuss special terms with MLA,  please contact Program Committee Chair Michele McGraw.

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