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Reader's Advisory Roundtable (RART)
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Purpose: RART is the Readers Advisory Round Table, and is a subunit of the Minnesota Library Association. RART’s goal is to provide a forum for discussion about adult and young adult books, both fiction and non-fiction. Members share information about books and authors from the point of view of reader’s advisory services most frequently in public libraries. There are opportunities to share techniques and expertise in book talking and "on the spot" reader’s advisory.

Every year, RART hosts a retreat, bringing together members of the profession who are interested in improving their reader’s advisory skills, learning more about the world of books, and sharing their experiences. RART also sponsors related sessions at the annual MLA conference.


To join RART, simply select the RART option on your membership application or renewalThis membership is included at no cost as part of your MLA membership. If you’re already a member of MLA and want to join RART now, please contact the office.


Leadership Roster

Contact a Member of the RART Leadership 

Co-Chair   Carol Jackson, Branch Manager
Ramsey County Library
Co-Chair   Katie Polley, Librarian
Dakota County Library
Member-at-Large   Rachel Gray, Director
Van Horn Public Library 
Member-at-Large    Angie Noyes, Library Program Coordinator
Washington County Public Library 
Member-at-Large   Jean Silverberg, Librarian
Dakota County Public Library 
 Member-at-Large   Kristin Schneider, Librarian
Carver County Public Library


August 2018


2011 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report


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Upcoming Events

RART Spring Retreat is May 18. Click here for more information and to register!

Articles RART members have written

Conference Presentations

Activity: Killer Cocktails and RART Happy Hour
Keynote: Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask (One Book One Conference)
C7. 50 in 60 Book Blast
D5. Truly Doing Dewey: Nonfiction Reader’s Advisory from 001-999
E6. Traveling the Yellow Brick Road: Exploring the Worlds of Fantasy
H5. World War II in Fact and Fiction
RART at the MLA 2011 Annual Conference
Activity: Killer Cocktails and RART Happy Hour
B3. Book Clubs: Hands On to Hands Off
D5. E-books: What’s All the EXCITEMENT About?
E6. One Book, One Conference: The Stormchasers
F1. 50 in 60 Book Blast
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