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2020 Library Legislative Day & Virtual Legislative Week

About MLA

The Minnesota Library Association provides opportunities to meet library peers and associates.

MLA meets the interests of its members by facilitating educational opportunities, supporting strong ethical standards, and fostering connections between the library community and various constituencies. MLA organizes an annual multi-day fall conference that features approximately 70 programs planned and sponsored by divisions, sections, round tables, and committees. Members receive reduced registration rates.

An effective lobbying effort has been instrumental in obtaining increases in state aid to libraries, securing legislation enabling inter-library cooperation, and enhancing the library community throughout the state.

MLA Vision and Mission

Vision statement: MLA ensures a future where libraries thrive.

Mission statement: MLA brings together staff and supporters from libraries of all types by helping them accomplish together what none can do alone.

MLA Strategic Plan

MLA's 2019 -2021 Strategic Plan overview can be viewed here.

MLA History

MLA began in 1891 but was not officially incorporated until 1967. William W. Folwell, the first president, served the association for nine years. More than 100 other presidents have followed in his footsteps. MLA is comprised of many kinds of libraries and librarians, including public, academic, school, special, multi-type, institutional, and others. Friends of the library, trustees, and many other community members, as well as corporate friends, help comprise the more than 600 members.

MLA Bylaws and Organization

MLA Bylaws (amended September 19, 2019)

MLA Articles of Incorporation

MLA Code of Conduct

MLA Organizational Chart

2018 budget (final)

MLA 2017 Audit – Management Letter

MLA 2017 Audited Financial Statement

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