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Academic and Research Library Division
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Purpose: ARLD is a forum for and an advocate of academic and research librarians and library personnel, and all other information professionals that serve academic and research institutions. 

The purpose of ARLD is:

1) To contribute to the professional and career development of all academic library personnel by conducting workshops and arranging programs including Dialogues and our annual ARLD Day conference (in April).

2) To enhance the capabilities of Minnesota academic libraries to serve the needs of their users. 

3) To promote and advocate for the interests of academic libraries. 

4) To promote the study, research, and dissemination of information relevant to academic librarianship. 

5) To promote and foster cooperation and communication among the members of ARLD, the academic community, other library organizations, and other associations. 

6) To support and protect intellectual freedom in academic libraries. 

7) To acknowledge and honor the achievements of academic library personnel through the innovator award.

Membership: Anyone interested in the objectives of  ARLD is encouraged to become a member by joining the Minnesota Library Association and choosing ARLD as your division. Members of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) who live in Minnesota are automatically members of ARLD, as ARLD is the Minnesota chapter of ACRL.

Leadership Roster

Contact a Member of the ARLD Leadership

Chair     Megan Kocher, Science Librarian
University of Minnesota
Past Chair

Phil Dudas, Information Services Manager
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Chair Elect
Amy Mars, Research, Instruction & Outreach Librarian
St. Catherine University
Jenny McBurney
Research Services Coordinator & Social Sciences Librarian, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
 Communications Officer Janis Shearer, Office Manager
St. Catherine University
Legislative Liaison

Ginny Moran, Instruction & Research Librarian  Macalester

Cindy Gruwell,Professor / Research Librarian
St. Cloud State University 


Allie Thome
Systems & Web Librarian, Concordia College

Agendas and Minutes

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Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report


Minnesota Academic Innovators Award 2018

Daniel Gullo, Eileen Smith, and David Calabro from the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library are the recipients of the 2018 Minnesota Academic Innovators Award. This award recognizes academic librarians who have made outstanding contributions to advance the missions of academic libraries in Minnesota through innovative projects, programs, or services.

Since August 2016, Gullo, Smith, and Calabro have developed a method to establish new authorities for underrepresented communities not commonly found in Library of Congress and VIAF authority files including authorities for authors and titles from early modern and medieval Eastern Christian and Islamic writers, especially those from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Turkey, India, Malta and the Western Mediterranean where HMML continues to digitize previously uncatalogued manuscript and rare book collections. To date, over 200 authors and titles have been established and are being prepared to enter the NACO funnel. The cataloging of these records is being done in conjunction with Gullo, the lead designer and program manager of vHMML Reading Room, a unique database that allows for the sharing of native script and traditional metadata, along with the digitized images of the manuscripts and rare books. During 2018, the metadata and cataloging team will be developing a harvestable metadata system, where other libraries will be able to harvest metadata in RDF, MARC-21, and EAD formats.

Daniel Gullo, Eileen Smith, and David Calabro were recognized and presented the 2018 Minnesota Academic Innovators Award at ARLD Day on April 27, 2018.

The award is sponsored by the Academic & Research Libraries Division (ARLD) of the Minnesota Library Association. ARLD is a division of the Minnesota Library Association and is also the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) chapter in Minnesota. ARLD’s purpose is to identify and seek solutions to mutual problems on the academic and research library level of librarianship, to improve services, to encourage development of librarians, and to stimulate cooperation among libraries.

Upcoming Events

ARLD Day 2019

Friday, April 26

View presentation slides!

ARLD Dialogues

ARLD Dialogues are an opportunity for academic librarians from various institutions to gather and converse about a particular aspect of librarianship. ARLD currently provides $12/ARLD Dialogue participant up to a maximum of twenty-five participants.

The topic of the ARLD Dialogue is the responsibility of the ARLD member who is submitting a request for an ARLD Dialogue. Preparations for an event, including food arrangements and location, will be completed by the ARLD member upon approval from the ARLD Board. ARLD and the MLA Office will initiate and assist with advertising.

ARLD typically sponsors two ARLD Dialogues per year, dependent upon budget constraints. Requests to host an ARLD Dialogue can be submitted at any time. Please contact an ARLD Board member if interested.

ARLD Events and Materials Archive


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