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2017 Mid-Year Public Library Division Nominees
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Nominees for PLD Member-at-Large. This person will serve a two-year term. 

Margaret Behr

I would love to be considered for the PLD member-at-large opening. I recently "graduated" from MILE, which was a fabulous opportunity to discuss leadership, cultural humility, and individual strengths. That said, my strengths are woo, positivity, learner, harmony, and input. If you've not yet read Strengths Finder, here's the translation: I'm a cheerleader for many folks and ideas; I can't stop learning; I strive to collect opinions and engage a group peacefully. MILE encouraged me to get more involved with MLA; I'm invigorated by pondering how I can further the mission of Minnesota libraries and engage with professionals across this state!

Tim Hayes

Experience:March, 2000 - present
Director of Library Services, Blue Earth County Library Services
Education:Bachelor Degree:Public Administration - Major
Business Administration - Minor
Master's Degree:Public Administration

I believe I bring to this position a strong background of library experience and a genuine concern and advocacy for public libraries.  I strongly support the role of public libraries in local communities as well as providing all citizens free and equitable access to information, educational opportunities and inclusion.
With my past involvement in community organizations and committees as well as my participation in issues at the county and State level, I believe I offer a comprehensive and distinctive perspective on the current and future trends in local, State and Federal matters that affect our public libraries.

Public libraries are essential in promoting life-long learning in a safe, stimulating environment and serves as a conduit for citizen involvement, cognitive growth and development as well as a gathering place to connect with friends, peers and community leaders.  I am enthusiastic that the broad range of challenges facing libraries are but opportunities to continue the tradition of providing knowledge in contemporary and relevant formats and venues.

Nathan F. Nins

I would like to join the Public Libraries Division of the Minnesota Library Association because I believe in the value of public libraries. My experience as a full time staff member at Rondo Library in St. Paul, as a substitute in other St. Paul branches and Hennepin County branches, in addition to my experience at the Rum River library and other Libraries in the Anoka system,  have given me a great appreciation for their service and would love to give back in some way. I believe my talents in creating fun and interesting program and event ideas, as well as my experience in Libraries and out of them would make me a great fit for the PLD. 

Megan Olson

Hello!  My name is Megan Olson; currently I am a library manager in Washington County at the Wildwood Branch in Mahtomedi.  I have been in this position for about 2 years and before that I worked at libraries across Wisconsin in various roles from circulation clerk to library director.  I am a member of the MLA conference planning committee working on programming and recently was selected to attend MILE 2017. During MILE I learned one of my strengths is Futuristic, which makes sense as I am always thinking of new ways libraries can serve their communities and each other.  These involvements in advocating for Minnesota libraries are part of the reason that I would like to serve on the Public Library Division Executive Committee.   Through my various library experiences I have encountered many unique and often difficult situations that have provided me with a new perspective and an open ear to issues that may arise throughout public libraries.  Having been in Minnesota for a short time, being a part of the Minnesota Library Association has allowed me to feel more connected to my library community and I would like to give back as much as I can by serving on this committee.


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